Why Choose Us for Wood Walls and Ceilings

Thank you for your interest in Acoustic Wood Designs. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have via phone call or video conference.

Creating a New Normal

As a company starting up in the “Pandemic” environment – it is important to get things right. We want to be responsive to the needs of employees and families, as well as customers and vendors. While have an Office and a warehouse, we have however decided to remain mainly a remote access – work from Home Operation for those professional jobs that allow it. Engineering, Project management, accounting, purchasing. Etc. . We want to have a better balance for employees work lives and family lives. We want to support personal and public health issues. We come together as needed, conference daily as needed, can meet as needed. We are excited about how this helps our employees and customers in the future. Keeping Family and Health first. Factory positions will have all the safeguards we can correctly put into place as well.

Vendor Relations

AWD is establishing vendors that we will work with, buy from, outsource too, as well as other needs. We want to promote correct relationships and business methods. Thus, we will not seek cheapest overseas pricing. We want to, and will, avoid those who exploit humans in low paying environments, who’s governments allow human trafficking, the equivalent of modern slavery, and seek to buy goods and services from trustworthy sources. While this may seem extreme, this is a real problem in our world economy. We will do out best to avoid any link to this world wide problem.

Acoustic Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels in St. Louis, MO
Acoustic Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels in St. Louis, MO

Equal Opportunity Employer

We will seek to have a diverse work force, hire those best qualified that share our common goals and values.

We want to promote and lift up our employees – who make us a great company. There is the old adage, customers are always right. Richard Branson, of Virgin Airways is quoted as saying, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” We agree!

Our Customers will know their importance, because the employees will be motivated to do their jobs the best they can!

Sustainability in the Acoustical Wood Ceilings and Walls industry

We promote proper Forest Harvest and thus are currently in review for our FSC certification. We will always do out best to help our planet and environment.

Acoustic Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels in St. Louis, MO

Core Values

We will be more transparent than perhaps you are used to. We want you to be confident that when we say something, we are doing everything we can to make that happen and giving you insight to our business to aid you in information. We don’t want empty promises to employees, vendors, or customers.

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