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When experience matters,
a new name doesn't always mean new.
When experience and performance matters,
trust that Acoustic Wood Designs has the professionals,
guiding our Pro and Elite series of wood walls and Wood ceilings.
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Our Product Line

About America’s PREMIER Wood Wall and Ceiling Company A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER

Dear Valued Clients and Customers,

Acoustic Wood Designs has allowed me to create a company that is truly client-centric. As former Director of Wood Products and Construction services at Armstrong Ceilings, as well as VP of Operations at ACGI for a combined 16 years, my work was key, along with a great team and staff, in development of the company, product lines, processes and procedures that assured our success.

You may have heard me say “managing for a pre-determined outcome” seems simple doesn’t it?
Delivering the right product at the right time for the right budget.
Would you like that peace of Mind Today ?

These are our goals, what drives us to do better:

  • Ultimate Performance – Quality Control
  • Delivery on time – Yes, it can be done.
  • Optimized Processes for communication and flow. You know the status of your project.

This process management philosophy was a key ingredient to success and growth over 2 decades. Now, Acoustic Wood Designs hopes to further embody these qualities through well-crafted products and production of our own line of wood walls and ceilings.

Charlie Fowler,
President - Founder