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Design and manufacturing Acoustic Wood Wall and Wood Ceiling systems that inspire the senses. Let our team take your concept to reality.

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We are centrally located in Missouri – with manufacturing facilities in 2 Midwest states.
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Experienced Wood Ceiling Systems Provider

Thank you for your interest in Acoustic Wood Designs. While a new company in the Wood Wall and Wood Ceiling market, we are not new - by any means. Our management team has years of experience in the Wood Walls and Wood Ceilings industry.

Acoustical Wood Panel Systems in Hamilton, NJ

From managing a start up company to becoming a leader in the industry, we have decades of experience and a history of performance and quality.

Acoustic Wood Designs is the start of a new company, a new direction, a new face in the acoustical wood walls and wood ceilings industry, we have a passion for our little part of this great Industry. Our competition? All great companies with great innovation and reputation.

Our Goal? Certainly not to be the biggest, but to establish ourselves and be an “Excellent Choice” for comparable products.

We strive to achieve high standards of

  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Customer Service & Appreciation
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Fair, Value-based Prices

This combination of old fashioned personal service and a desire to build long term relationships will undoubtedly keep us around for a while. So yes, we are new, but we are here to stay.

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Wood Walls and Ceilings

Our product line includes a variety of Acoustical Wood applications to accomplish your architectural needs from a wood ceiling or wall. We can help you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and provide technical documentation to assist from the Specification to the installation. Our team is devoted to your complete satisfaction and our growing product line is what you need for the completion of your project.

Wood Grilles, Linear Wood, Flat Panel Systems, Micro Perf, Acoustical Panels, Perfed and Slotted panels, Beams, Cubes, and Coffers. We have the product.

Acoustic Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels in St. Louis, MO

Our Wood Product Line Features

Accoustical Performance Wood Walls & Ceilings

Our panels and systems are designed for the ultimate performance. Do you need to reflect sound? Diffuse? Absorb? Soften that room or auditorium?
We have the solution.

Seismic Codes Compliance Wood Walls & Ceilings

AWD Series Wood ceilings, when installed on to a seismic code compliant suspension grids or other approved system, will satisfy Seismic needs. Consult with local codes or licensed engineers for any additional requirements.
Some projects may require special testing and certifications. AWD will not hesitate to get these, whenever possible.

Fire Retardancy Wood Walls & Ceilings

AWD Pro Series Wood System can be manufactured to achieve ASTM E-84 Class 1 or Class A retardancy.

Sustainability Wood Walls & Ceilings

AWD Pro Series Wood System are manufactured responsibly utilizing sustainable raw materials.